About us

KATECHUK is a new company that provides quality services in network maintenance and website designs. we understand the frustration of having the perfect website for your company and at the same time managing your company. This is why we take the burden from you so that you can focus on more important things.


  • Website design
  • network maintenance
  • office set up
  • server leasing
  • graphics (logo, Banner)
  • Computer repair
  • Remote support
  • Outsourcing IT Support


what set KATECHUK apart from the competition is our quality work. Even though there are website design tools. It can be difficult to design your perfect website. Here is where we come in.


Our outsourcing IT support can benefit your company as we aim to deal with your IT issues quickly

Management Team

KATECHUK is managed by Kwaku Agyemang to make sure that all enquiries are dealt with as soon as possible. HE will devote his time to make sure that you are updated consistently from time to time. There are two other members of KATECH.

Dankwa Kwaku Adu- Head of Website team

Janice Adusei-Boateng- Accountant of KATECHUK